Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures for Dream Wedding Destination Contest

At long last, the first batch of pictures have arrived! We know that it is hard to get inspiration without knowing what the wedding area will look like, so we have taken a few photographs to help you out.

The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast is located on a property with over 2 acres of wooded land that fade into Fontenelle Forest. These pictures do little justice to the natural beauty of the land, but we hope that you will still be able to get an idea of what the beautiful grounds look like.

This final shot we think best captures the area that we hope to construct a gazebo in, between the three trees on the smaller hill. We will take out the tree on the larger hill, and that is where the wedding guests will be seated as it is mostly level ground and overlooks the spot where the vows will take place. To see it in the light of day is truly breathtaking! We know it will be a lasting memory for all who attend a wedding at The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast.

Please check back again soon for the link to start your bidding on this unique opportunity!

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